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No Orthodontic Treatment Necessary After Two-Jaw Surgery

Do you think orthodontic treatment is necessary after two-jaw surgery?

Two-jaw surgery without orthodontic treatment cannot be applied to everyone. It’s applicable to patients with normal occlusion before surgery, and additional necessity of orthodontic treatment is decided within 3 months of monitoring after two-jaw surgery.

Normal occlusion with prognathic jaw
Normal occlusion but having a protruded jaw and long chin
Prognathic jaw with orthodontics in the past
Prognathic jaw or long chin, but having normal occlusion due to orthodontics in the past
Normal occlusion with temporomandibular disorder
Normal occlusion but having a severe temporomandibular disorder
Normal occlusion requiring changes in appearance
Normal occlusion but requiring changes in appearance desperately

Iinterdepartmental Coordination Between an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and an Orthodontist
In the Face Dental Clinic, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and an orthodontist work together as a team. We pursue elaborate and accurate treatment based on our wide clinical experience and specialized skills.
Specialist’s Detailed Operation Plan
Unlike typical plastic surgery that only promises improvement of facial appearance, we plan and perform the safest surgery considering ideal location of jaws and occlusion.
Pursuing Safety and Convenience
Some might insist orthodontics after surgery for jaw stabilization, but the Face Dental Clinic closely monitors patients for 3 months after two-jaw surgery for the occlusal adjustment and guarantees patients’ safety by preparing for variables in advance.
Integration of Know-How in Two-Jaw Surgery
Dr. Lee Joong-kyou plans surgery for each individual based on numerous surgical experiences. He performs differentiated surgery method and pursues ideal and customized surgery.


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