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For your beautiful and balanced face!

Beautiful face and healthy temporomandibular joint in the Face Dental Clinic

The Face Dental Clinic will escort you to your rebirth into a charming person listening to your every single worry and anxiety. We promise you a beautiful face shape, attractive appearance, and healthy jaw as well. We will do our best to be trustworthy and reliable.

For an accurate diagnosis and dedicated aftercare service!

straight teeth and effective orthodontics in the Face Dental Clinic

We customize orthodontic treatment for patients' complete satisfaction. We keep communicating with patients for the best treatment and trust. You can rely on the Face Dental Clinic.

Residence of an anesthesiologist for emergency

The anesthesiologist decides anesthetizing method according to the patients' state during surgery and consultation before surgery. He also decides types of drugs in advance and does intraoperative monitoring. After surgery he takes care of patients attentively until all the remaining anesthetic drugs disappear from the body.

Introduction of CI of the Face Dental Clinic

The symbol of the Face Dental Clinic shows the final piece of the jigsaw for a balanced face and straight teeth. It represents a feeling of refreshment of the Face Dental Clinic and patients’ satisfaction.

The Face Dental Clinic sincerely aims to put the final piece of your jigsaw in place. We do our best with honesty and trust.